With enough humility you can learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime and in any way possible!

CSC_0518Christian Formation Institute, or CFI for short, is an online training environment designed for self-motivated learners. You can study any topic or course that you like. You can study anytime or anywhere using the internet. A Tutor will be assigned to help you choose your topics or courses. He or she will also guide you and coach you as you study the topic or course that you’ve chosen. The goal is to help you learn by yourself and for yourself. You will set the pace and the agenda for your learning. Your Tutor will only help you so that you can accomplish your learning goals.

To enroll in CFI, follow this procedure:

  • Connect to the Internet using your PC, laptop, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Enroll using this form
  • Pay your tuition fee (2,000 pesos or 50 USD for six months; 4,000 pesos or 100 USD for one year of learning). Once you enroll, you will be given instructions on how to pay your tuition. A Tutor will be assigned to you. He or she will contact you to assist you in choosing your topic or course. He or she will also be available to assist you during the duration of your studies (either for six months or one year). You can also change your topic or course anytime you like.
  • If you just want to access RightNow Media, without the help of a tutor, just pay 1,500 pesos (35 USD) for six months or 3,000 pesos (70 USD) for one year. An email invitation will be sent to you to give you access to RightNow Media, a portal containing thousands of Christian learning videos, where you can choose a course that you want to learn. You may also choose courses from the following Bible-based learning sites: BiblicalTraining.org or ThirdMillennium.org.
  • Once you finish a topic or course, a certificate will be given to you.

If you need help, here is our suggested curriculum for you:

  • Follow Christ – If you’re just starting your spiritual journey, this is the place to begin. Here you will understand what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about and how you can begin your journey of following Christ together with others.
  • Be Faithful – Once you begin following Jesus Christ, there will be many challenges and distractions. You need to learn how to stay faithful in following Christ. Enroll in this course to learn the six godly habits of faithful followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Be Fruitful – Being faithful is important. But the importance of being faithful is actually to become fruitful for Christ. Enroll in this course and learn how you can bear much fruit for Christ.
  • Multiply for Christ – Being faithful and fruitful involves you alone. You’re the only one who is being faithful and fruitful. But you need to help others also. If you’re ready to multiply yourself, enroll in this course.
  • Start a Movement for Christ – Once you know how to multiply yourself, it’s time to take that into a new level and in a new situation. It’s time for you to learn how to start a movement for Christ. Enroll in this course to learn how to do this.


Our philosophy of education is as follows:

  • Personalized – We believe the best kind of education is personalized education. Therefore, we will use mentoring, coaching and tutoring as our main approach to teaching.
  • Mastery-based – Our main focus is on actual application. Therefore, we will make sure that you have mastered a learning goal or outcome before you can move to the next step. The most important part of our training approach is mastery, not curriculum.
  • Empowering – We want to put the responsibility of learning back to where it really belongs, to you, the actual learner. Therefore, we will give you the tools that you need to learn, but you will have to motivate yourself to learn. We cannot be responsible for your learning.
  • Flexible – Different people learn differently. Therefore, we will encourage you to try different approaches in order to receive information, to process it, to test and approve it, and eventually to integrate it into your own life. We are not concerned by the “how.” Instead, we want you to focus on the “what,” i.e. the actual learning outcomes that we want you to accomplish.
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous – Synchronous means you learn at the same time together with others. Asynchronous means you learn with others but not necessarily at the same time. The former may involve a live class. The latter can be online. Synchronous learning will depend on the available schedule of both the tutor and the learner or learners. However, asynchronous learning can be done at anytime and anywhere. This is our preferred approach.

Now if you’re ready to learn, click the menu above that says “Enroll Now” or click here.