No Eyes Has Seen

beautifuleye“What no eye has seen,
    what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived”—
    the things God has prepared for those who love him—

1 Corinthians 2:9

It’s easy to think that this verse might be referring to something that happens only when you die. But looking at this verse closely, and especially when you take into consideration the context, you will see that this verse is not just a promise for the future (and of course, there is that idea as well). Instead it’s also a promise for the present time. There is a better life that is so much better than the best life you can ever imagine, and it can start right now! Eternal life begins today! This life is no other than the life that you can only receive and experience through faith in Jesus Christ. It’s the only life worth having and living. The way to experience it is by remembering the acrostic LOVE. First, you need to learn from Jesus. Make sure that you are receiving inputs from God’s word on a regular basis. Let Jesus teach you about what life is really all about. Second, obey His word. Let the word of God dwell richly in your heart, but make sure you obey it. His wisdom is useless unless you put it into practice. This will result not just in life transformation but in knowing God’s will for your life — His good, pleasing and perfect will. Third, value key relationships. You need to prioritize your love for the lost, for the found (i.e. for fellow believers), and for your family. Neglecting these key relationships will lead to an emptiness of your soul. Finally, embrace your calling. Where you are is where God called you to be. Serve Him there. You can experience the joy of serving God wherever you are, if you do all things for His glory. You are called to be a child of God, a member of God’s family, and an ambassador of God’s kingdom — wherever you are! Embrace it and fulfill this calling! When you follow these simple disciplines, which I would refer to as “living a life of LOVE,” you will experience a life that is so much better than the best life you can ever imagine. Shalom! (PB)